Three Quick Hits for This Week

1. There is a temporary shortage of Azomite, the trace elements-and-mineral package I endorse and suggest in my fertilization schedule. Inventory in March would usually be fine, but a huge shipment on its way here from Utah in mid-February got diverted to other areas by Winter Storm Uri. So Azomite had to set up a new shipment for Texas, and it’s scheduled to be here for distribution to stores next week.

So, don’t panic if your favorite retailer is out, and don’t worry that you’re missing an application. The trace minerals package on my schedule is optional, not mandatory. Plus, it can be put down any time - it doesn’t have to be applied at the same time as fertilizers. You can also use Re-Mineralizer from Nature’s Way Resources on Interstate 45 near FM 1488 and other retailers.

2. On Saturday, I’ll be visiting the brand-new Galena Park Ace Hardware store at 1401 Holland. I will have some fun things to give away to lucky people in line to talk with me about freeze recovery.

This is a brand-spankin’ new store, but they will still be stocked with many of my GardenLine recommendations, especially Nitro-Phos products. And they’ll have my latest book on sale all weekend for just $11.95. Over time, they will begin carrying more of the Texas-based gardening products that many other Ace stores stock.

3. It’s still essential that you pay close attention to my Nine Rules of Freeze Recovery. Along with that, review my tip sheet from right before the Uri freeze about the importance of getting all the oak tree leaves off your lawn.

The article emphasized getting all the brown grass out to avoid a thatch buildup. But leaves are failing again at a dramatic pace, and they also need to be removed so tannin doesn’t build up in the soil. For the first time in years, we actually need to get out there with rakes to scratch up anything that’s not green grass.


PHOTOS: Azomite, Getty Images