Skip Richter, based in Houston, is a popular speaker for garden clubs, Master Gardener programs, and other gardening events across Texas. He has...Full Bio

Always Something to Be Done

Perfect Weather Planting

Skip offers some ideas in planting in the middle of a great week of nice weather.

Vegetable Garden Tips


Spring Time Tips For Lawn & Garden


Spring Gardening Activities

Skip answers callers questions and concerns.

Spring Season Excitement

Skip get everyone jazzed for their spring gardening.

Try New Things

Skip encourages listeners to try new gardening practices in 2024.

Here Comes Spring

Skip helps callers with their concerns and offers advice on spring planting.

Start Those Seeds Now

Skip answers caller questions and tells everyone to get a jumpstart on their spring seeding.

After the Freeze

Skips takes calls and gives valuable advice after a harsh Houston freeze.