Your Health with Dr. Joe Galati

Your Health with Dr. Joe Galati

Dr. Joseph S. Galati, hosts the weekly "Your Health First" broadcast on KTRH-AM.Full Bio


Since 2003, Dr. Joe Galati has been a familiar voice on Texas radio airwaves, producing and hosting Your Health First every Sunday evening, on the programs flagship station 740 KTRH in Houston. Each week, Dr. Galati discusses the latest health and medical trends with his listeners, Dr. Joe Galati, America’s “Physician- Communicator”, can be heard on the radio encouraging his audience to become better consumers of healthcare and equipping them with the information needed to better understand the health issues facing us today. His new book, “Eating Yourself Sick”, draws from his decades of experience caring for patients, as well as the many years he has been sharing his knowledge on the radio.


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Alcohol Related Liver Disease & Dr. Yu on Obesity

Automated External Defibrillators & Sister/Nurse Celeste Zerbarini

Dr. Galati starts the program by comparing health issues to car issues. The weekly article he discusses today is about automated external defibrillators. Dr. Galati’s sister and nurse Celeste Zerbarini also joins to talk about everything she’s doing right now. We then talk about looking at our parents as a window into your own health future.

Five Recommendations of Optimal Heath

On the program tonight Dr. Galati talks about five items or recommendations of optimal heath. 1. Achieve weight control, 2. Don’t smoke, 3. Regular exercise, 4. Knowing your numbers, and 5. Avoid processed foods. Dr. Galati also replays a part of last week show with Dr. Joe Rogers and heart disease.

Heart & Liver Disease w/ Dr. Joe Rogers & Natalie Amante

Dr. Galati is back in the studio tonight with the Texas Heart Institute President Joe Rogers to talk about heart disease. Physician Assistant Natalie Amante also joins the show to discuss liver disease. We talk about cholesterol, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and the importance of knowing your numbers.

End-Stage & Food Stories

Dr. Galati opens by telling us the importance of putting your heath first and a story of an ICU patient. He also explains the end-stage of a disease and how shocking this is with some people. Dr. Galati goes on to talk about a Mediterranean diet, eating cereal before bed, and a few more random thoughts.

Liver Disease & ALT w/ Natalie Amante & Dr. Sunny Harpavat

Dr. Galati wants to talk a little more about liver disease on the program tonight. However, he starts with an article about childhood poisoning. Physician Assistant Natalie Amante and Dr. Sunny Harpavat of Texas Children's Hospital join the show to share some thoughts on their patients, liver disease, and ALT.

The Cost of Wellness w/ Jackie DeAngelis & John Grover

Dr. Galati wants to focus on the cost of wellness on the program tonight, but he starts by talking about those who are chronically ill. Jackie DeAngelis with Fox Business Network and John Grover of Grover Planning and Investments join the show to discuss their thoughts on the cost of wellness and more.

A Plant Based Diet & Life’s Essential 8

Dr. Galati is giving away more signed copies of his book “Eating Yourself Sick” to the first five callers that call his back studio line. He talks about an article about a plant-based diet and how it can reduce the progression of prostate cancer. Dr. Galati also explains Life’s Essential 8 and how to get healthy sleep.

A Look Back at Some of the Best of Your Health First

On this Super Bowl Sunday Dr. Galati goes back into the archives to give you some of the more interesting and informative segments. He gives away more signed copies of his book and talks about a reducing calorie intake article he read. Dr. Galati has flashback clips on his trip to San Diego, an interview with Dr. Pat Wood, and a boost commercial he saw.

Lung Disease w/ Dr. Howard Huang

On the program tonight, we talk about lungs. However, First Dr. Galati gives away copies of his book, “Eating Yourself Sick”, and shares some thoughts about patients with fatty liver. He also brings up an intermittent fasting article he read in the Wall Street Journal. Pulmonologist Dr. Howard Huang joins the show to talk about your lungs.