Your Health with Dr. Joe Galati

Your Health with Dr. Joe Galati

Dr. Joseph S. Galati, hosts the weekly "Your Health First" broadcast on KTRH-AM.Full Bio


Since 2003, Dr. Joe Galati has been a familiar voice on Texas radio airwaves, producing and hosting Your Health First every Sunday evening, on the programs flagship station 740 KTRH in Houston. Each week, Dr. Galati discusses the latest health and medical trends with his listeners, Dr. Joe Galati, America’s “Physician- Communicator”, can be heard on the radio encouraging his audience to become better consumers of healthcare and equipping them with the information needed to better understand the health issues facing us today. His new book, “Eating Yourself Sick”, draws from his decades of experience caring for patients, as well as the many years he has been sharing his knowledge on the radio.


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Appendicitis w/ Danny Shaftel & Lung Disease w/ Dr. Howard Huang

FDAs Approval of Resmetirom & Dr. Nguyens Colon Cancer Interview

Dr. Galati gets going tonight talking about the breaking news on the FDA approval of resmetirom, brand name (rezdiffra) and the impact it has. He continues the fatty liver conversation on the fibrosis and scaring of the liver. Dr. Galati also replays last weeks interview with Dr. Dang Nguyen on Colon Cancer and the awareness surrounding it.

Colon Cancer w/ Neurologist Dr. Dang Nguyen

It’s Colon Cancer Awareness Month and Dr. Galati stresses the importance of your colon on the program tonight. He uses his genie app to shows how easy it is to get healthy recipes. Dr. Galati also has Neurologist Dr. Dang Nguyen join the show to share some information about awareness, colon cancer, and more. He also spends a few minutes on abdominal pain and getting screened.

Understanding The Mediterranean Diet

Dr. Galati starts the program talking about the weather, preparing his garden, and his live webinar last Thursday you can replay on YouTube. He also explains and goes into great detail about the Mediterranean diet and what it all entails. Dr. Galati also talks to the chronic illnesses that come with what to eat and what foods to watch for.

Heart Disease and Fatty Liver

Dr.Joseph Galati is joined by Dr. Randeep Suneja and Dr. Mazen Noureddin to discuss heart disease and fatty liver. How to avoid it and how to check if you have it.

Cardio Health & College Nutrition w/ Elizabeth

On today's show, Dr. Galati gives guidelines on keeping a healthy cardiovascular system and talks about The Texas Heart Institute. Later, Dr. Galati revisits an old segment discussing college nutrition with his daughter Elizabeth.

Auto Safety w/ Matthew Shaer

Dr. Galati starts the program explaining the difference between health span and life span. He also has Matthews Shaer of The New York Times join the show to talk about his article, “Why Are American Drivers So Deadly?” Dr. Galati gets his take on the part of the article that expresses how stressful situations lead to your worst instincts and technologies to improve driver behavior.

Liver Transplant w/ Dr. Saharia & Emotional Intelligence w/ Chuck Garcia

Dr. Galati is back in studio tonight ahead of our freezing temperatures this week. He has Dr. Ashish Saharia of Houston Methodist join the show to talk about liver transplant and the impact it has. Dr. Galati also has Chuck Garcia join to talk about their past his expertise in emotional intelligence. They also take some time to chat about a few news articles and loneliness.

Longevity & Processed Sugar

Dr. Galati kicks off the new year with a chat about an article on the seven keys to longevity and some quick tips. He talks about the importance of knowing the amount of processed sugar in what you eat. Dr. Galati also spends time discussing a dear friend who had a relative with a moderate health crisis and how to be a good patient.

Planning for 2024

Dr. Galati starts his show talking about the Texans loss, the nice weather today, and how it’s time to start thinking about new year planning. He explains how identification early is key to a problem and five main things and numbers to be aware of. Dr. Galati is also giving away more books.