More info on Azomite because I’m getting lots of questions

Since Hurricane Harvey in September 2017, our soils have lost many trace minerals. Lots of people are suffering with sickly looking turf, flower beds, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. And the loss of micronutrients and minerals has worsened in the past 8-10 months, due to an over-abundance of rain.

We’ve always needed to replenish trace minerals and trace elements in soil that is constantly irrigated or over-worked. In the past, simply adding quality composts could do an admirable job of replenishment. But it can take several months for compost to break down, and even then, it wastes away over a couple of years. Imagine the amount of trace minerals and elements needed in Southeast Texas after Mother Nature’s three-year onslaught.

But, all along, there has been a product that can help add minerals back to the soil almost instantaneously. And when we do that – no matter what we’re growing – root systems improve. And that leads to optimum growth, optimum yield, and optimum quality.

The product is Azomite. It’s pronounced with a long "A" … EY-zoh-mahyt … because it contains trace minerals from A to Z and their incorporated trace elements. A-Z omite – get it?

I first learned of Azomite about a decade ago at a turfgrass research facility. I loved its potential, but it just wasn’t available in enough retail stores for me to suggest that listeners give it a try. However, in 2017, Azomite’s makers approached GardenLine about being an endorsed product, and showed us that many more retail locations now carried the product. Then, in 2018, the number of locations mushroomed when they began distribution through the Houston Nitro-Phos warehouse.

First, let me make it really simple for you about its usage: Just use it! Seriously, put it down like a fertilizer on lawns, toss it by hand onto beds, or scratch it into the soil around flowers, vegetables, shrubbery, etc.

My emails have been loaded with questions about Azomite’s application rate. Just think of it as you would any soil amendment – you can even mix it half-and-half with fertilizer and spread it about at full throttle. Just get it out there!

Azomite comes in three versions.

AZOMITE Granular was created for applying to lawns in a broadcast spreader. Look for it in the GREEN bag. This is the most readily available form for home gardeners to mix with fertilizers.

AZOMITE Micronize can be used in a sprayer for foliar applications – just be sure to keep the Azomite suspended in the water as you spray. It is also used in compost and hand gardening. It’s very dusty, so it is easily absorbed into the root system of any plant. Look for it in a white paper bag with GREEN lettering. This is the one used by hydroponic growers.

AZOMITE FIELD GRADE. This is the backbone of the company - the micronized and granular forms are both made from it. It’s a great and affordable product for applying micronutrients on new beds in larger acreage.You can also apply by hand it on an existing bed before mulching to give plants the boost they need for optimal performance.

So, let me explain the history and makeup of the product. Azomite is a unique, yet natural product with minerals sourced from mines in central Utah. It’s used by agriculturalists (farmers and crop producers) who have been incorporating Azomite for over 70 years, mainly because it is 100% safe for the environment. Technically, it is known as highly mineralized complex silica ore (hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate or HSCAS). It was formed through deposits from an ancient volcanic eruption that filled a seabed millions of years ago.

In addition to meeting the overwhelming need to re-mineralize our soils, other benefits from Azomite’s proper and consistent use include more abundant, bigger and better-tasting fruits and vegetables per plant. And with landscapes and turfgrass, adding Azomite truly helps them meet their full potential. Trace minerals and trace elements are necessary to bring any fertility program (fertilizing schedule) to full potential, while increasing resistance to diseases.

Azomite can be broadcast alone or blended with any fertilization program you are using … mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizers or even manure-based. It can also be banded along rows or when planting in the soil. It can also be a good carrier for Bermuda seeds and other microbial blends of bio-stimulants. It’s odorless and will not burn any plant, even if overused. The product is certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), which means “manic-organics” should absolutely love it. Some gardening experts have called Azomite a multi-vitamin for depleted soils. It’s good for any soil that needs to be re-mineralized - not just our pathetic clay soils. To learn more, check out their website.

I recently made “trace minerals/trace elements” part of my lawn fertilization schedules. That’s how much I believe in this product. If your favorite store doesn’t carry it, please let them know how important it is to stock this product. Meanwhile, here’s a list of all the places I know have it right now.

  • Buchanan's Native Plants
  • D & D Feed & Supply, Tomball
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Kingwood Garden Center
  • Plants for All Seasons, Highway 249 feeder
  • League City Feed
  • RCW Nurseries, Highway 249
  • Southwest Fertilizer
  • Spring Creek Feed Center
  • Texas Feed Stop
  • The Arbor Gate
  • The Ground Up, Brittmore Road
  • Warrens Southern Garden
  • Ace Hardware, Cinco Ranch
  • Ace Hardware City, Memorial Drive
  • Ace Hardware of Champions
  • Ace Hardware of League City
  • All Star Ace Hardware
  • Allied Ace Hardware, Brenham
  • Woodlands Ace Hardware
  • Atascocita Ace Hardware
  • Fulshear Ace Hardware
  • Hamilton Ace Hardware
  • Hometown Ace Hardware, Sealy
  • J&R's Ace Hardware
  • Katy Ace Hardware
  • Lake Conroe Ace Hardware
  • Langham Creek Ace Hardware
  • M&D Hardware, Beaumont
  • M&D Hardware, Vidor
  • M&D Supply, Bay Area
  • M&D Supply, Beamer
  • M&D Supply, Louetta
  • M&D Supply, Lumberton
  • M&D Supply, Rosenberg
  • Magnuson Ace Hardware, Friendswood
  • Pearland Ace Hardware
  • Plantation Ace Hardware
  • Spring Ace Hardware
  • Tom's Ace Hardware
  • Bay City Feed
  • Bering’s Hardware, Bissonnet
  • Bering’s Hardware, Westheimer
  • Fischer’s Hardware, La Porte
  • Fischer’s Hardware, Pasadena
  • Fischer’s Hardware, Baytown
  • Golfcrest True Value
  • Grower's Outlet, Willis
  • Gulf Coast Equine and Pet
  • Heiden Feed & Lawn
  • Huffman True Value Hardware
  • Keyworth's Hardware
  • Lake Hardware, Angleton
  • Nelson Nursery and Water Gardens
  • New Waverly Feed
  • Plants N Things, Brenham
  • Tom's Thumb Nursery
  • Wabash Feed & Garden Store
  • Wharton Feed & Supply


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