Get answers to all of your questions about home repairs by calling in. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, this show will help you avoid the bumps in the road to get the job done right.

Jim at the Pasadena Rodeo for Bull Riding on the Final Night

Jim from the Pasadena Rodeo Cook-Off

Jim starts with a couple email question on foundation repair and A/C duct cleaning. He then moves to a call about cutting concrete for drainage. Jim talks to Tim Fox of Texas Remodel Team to talk about replacement windows. In the second hour we have Brian Clinger from USA Insulation join the show to talk about insulation in your walls. Jim continues with callers taking all your home improvement questions.

Insulation Options

Jim jumps right into some calls to start the show today. He gets question about gas plumbing, a clogged drain line, building a barndominium with insulation, wiring in a conjunction box that’s not covered, and much more. Jim continues in the second hour on the busy phone lines offering up the best home improvement advice.

Irrigations Systems and Inspecting Termites

Jim start with some email questions on contractors and irrigation systems. He also takes calls about inspecting for termites, insulation in a cathedral ceiling, translation strips with laminate flooring, a non-slip product to put over concrete, and much more. Jim continues in the second hour answering your phone calls and email questions on home improvement projects.

Bathtub Repairs

Jim starts with an email question while we wait on some calls. He gets questions some issues with A/C units, a concrete slab, repairing a bathtub, power generators, and more. Jim continues in the second hour with more callers offering up the best home improvement advice.

Dealing with Drought: Foundations, Driveways, and Pipes

Jim starts the show by answering a few emails and callers with advice on plumbing and foundation maintenance, then Jim moves on to help callers’ concerns with driveways, leaky pipes, roofing, and drought concerns.

Texas Summer Survival: Foundations and Ventilations

Jim starts off the show by answering a few emails about radiant barrier instillation and AC insulation. Jim then talks to callers about attic ventilation, dehumidifier placement, hot water problems, and dealing with garage heat. In the second hour of the show, Jim talks with callers about maintaining a healthy foundation.

Jim Live from the Fort Worth Home and Garden Show

Jim helps callers helps callers with mysterious smells, leaky air ducts, and much more in the first hour. Then Brian Clinger of USA Insulation joins Jim to talk a bit about breathable and foam insulation. In the second hour of the show Jim continues on the phone lines helping with removing white mineral spots off brick, foundation leveling, watering in the Texas heat, and much more.

Make Sure Your A/C Stays Set

Jim starts with a caller who has an A/C unit creeping up in degrees. He also gets questions about water draining, EnergyQ, a dragging door, mortar crumbling, a home with a raised slab, and more.

Summertime Crawl Spaces; Cracking Clay and Critters

Jim talks to callers about how to deter critters from getitng into the nooks and crannies of your home. He then moves on to talk about good materials to replace wooden spacers, and more home improvement tips with callers.