Rain, rain come today!!!

I love to write these weekly email tips for KTRH.com - until I feel I’m at a brick wall when it comes to picking a topic. 

I kind of feel that way this week.  I love writing, but I can’t stand re-hashing the same subjects.  That’s why I’m not going any deeper into sod web worms than I already have in the past few weeks.  If you’re new to the area, to GardenLine, or these weekly missives, here’s the most recent tip sheet on them.

There. Now with that handled, let’s get to my real concern: weather forecasts showing no significant rain in the next two weeks. 

You may think we got plenty of rain at the end of July and the first week of August, but no meaningful precipitation for two more weeks is troublesome when it’s this hot.  I looked through old files and Google trying to muster up an angle on drought-like conditions in Texas, but I honestly couldn’t find anything new or newsworthy. I did find a whole slew of “It’s so dry…” jokes.  My personal favorite: “It’s so dry, even the catfish have a flea-and-tick problem.”

No, I’m not going to write about the current bad flea and tick infestation plaguing dogs and cats. I’ve already done that, right here.

The next best entry in the “It’s so dry…” department came from a listener years ago: “It’s so dry, even atheists are praying for rain.”

So, I sit here wondering what I could possibly write about the lack of rain.

Then, I had what Oprah Winfrey might have called, back when she was doing a daily TV show, an “a-hah moment!”  I’m a firm believer in the old Mary Kay Ash mantra “What you think about, you bring about!” So instead of writing about drought conditions and potential damage, I'm asking all my GardenLine listeners and readers to think positively about coming rains. That way, we’ll no longer be manifesting “a lack of rain.”

It’s sort of a “law of attraction” mentality. If you believe in that concept, you also know that when you act desperate about the need for something, you often just get more of the opposite of the need. So, today we are going to focus positively on rain. Think about lots of rain. I don’t think we have to beg for a hurricane, but I know many folks are quietly hoping for a tropical disturbance in the Gulf. 

Meanwhile, let’s hope we get so much rain in the next 30 days that I have to write a series of columns and blogs answering, “What now, after all the rain, Randy?” I’m sure I would get sick of that too, in about four weeks, but I’m willing to throw myself on the proverbial sword for our collective horticultural sanity. I’m even ready with some “It’s so wet…” jokes: “It’s so wet, I’m moving to Seattle to get some sun.”

So, are you with me? Repeat after me:  Rain, rain come today. Let us be so wet today!

It would also help if everyone reading this got their car washed right away.

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