Nitro-Phos Superturf 19-4-10

Since we were pretty adamant in yesterday’s email tip, that now is the time to get busy with the schedule, and since we have so many new followers and listeners, I thought it was high time to explain, in detail, why I recommend Nitro-Phos Superturf 19-4-10 probably more than any other fertilizer that is.

Now, that’ not just my opinion. It is an opinion influenced heavily by one of the premier soil scientists in the great state of Texas. I promised him I would not reveal his name here, because he still has to work with seemingly every other fertilizer company out there that wants their products “blended” for southern turfgrasses. Also, keep in mind that there is this part of my job I take very seriously, and it has to do with recommending products that actually do the job that is needed without having to overspend! So, while Nitro-Phos does advertise their product on my show, that’s not why I recommend Nitro-Phos Superturf 19-4-10 more than any other. It’s because of a combination of these 7 reasons below:

  1. Scientifically (per the experts) the premier formula for southern turfgrasses
  2. Works on St. Augustine, Bermuda & Zoysia
  3. It is THE MOST readily available; meaning more stores carry it than any other
  4. They are consistent marketers of their product/brand
  5. It covers the most square footage; making it the most cost-effective
  6. It’s so local; it’s blended and packaged here in the Houston area
  7. All you have to do is use it one time, and you’ll be hooked

If you read the details in MY LAWN FERTILIZATION SCHEDULE, you’ll see that there are other brands and blends, because they really do work as well as Nitro-Phos Superturf 19-4-10, but they either don’t market their product any more, or they are in very few places. In fact, some are considered proprietary blends, and branded with the name of the singular retail operation. So, since I believe it is my job to easily get you the best product for any treatment you’d ask me about, then do you now understand why this product seems to be recommended more than any other? Plus, as noted in my last couple of books, there’s always the “Out of Sight; Out of Mind” mentality. There was a time, when I did speak for three of the top fertilizers for this region, because they were all designed for southern turfgrasses. But Nitro Phos is the only one that still advertises their product on the GardenLine radio show.

To say we can only recommend one fertilizer would be like saying we can only recommend one nursery or garden center. I still endorse the use of the other fertilizers on the schedule, they simply don’t advertise any more, and/or they just aren’t sold in that many locations.

But as we noted in yesterday’s email tip, while clarifying as many questions as we could about starting and staying true to THE SCHEDULE, you can and most certainly should “Dance with the one what brung ya!” In other words, if you’ve had success with any other fertilizer that is designed for southern turfgrasses, please stick with what you know and love. If you’re ready to make the change, then give Nitro-Phos Superturf 19-4-10 a try this year.