MicroLife MicroGro Granular

Let me introduce you to MicroGro Granular, another 100% organic product from our friends at MicroLife Fertilizers.

This product acts like compost and soil activator in one. It’s not actually a compost, but when you look at its benefits, you’ll probably agree that it might as well be. And unlike the treasured leaf mold composts we love for top-dressing lawns, MicroGro's granules can easily be used in just about any broadcast spreader.

MicroGro is advanced microbiology that colonizes root systems and becomes a bio-inoculation, packed with billions of rhizosphere microbes. They help in plant nutrition, growth promotion, and disease interactions. Ultimately, they help make soil and root systems healthier. Also built into MicroGro Granular are humates, and they further accelerate plants’ root systems and overall health. So, if you have a disease-prone lawn or flower bed, this could be the fix you’re looking for.

If you’ve listened to GardenLine or followed my weekly tips, you already know that all gardening success starts with the soil. Make the soil healthy, and you’ll grow more roots and healthier plants. And MicroGro Granular is excellent for growing big, healthy root systems. The product is also incredibly controlled-release, so it will not burn.

You’ll find it in standard 40-pound bags and in very convenient 7-pound jugs, for those with smaller lawns or who cannot store leftovers.

To find a nearby MicroLife retailer, enter your ZIP Code in this map.

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