Matrix® Pansies

This week, I want to introduce you to Matrix® Pansies.

But first, I have a warning that applies to every pansy you may be thinking about planting this year: Wait until nighttime temperatures are in the 60s and below. It’s also best to wait until daytime highs are below 90. Bottom Line: Pansies like cooler soil.

You may already be aware of this trademarked variety that boasts many great attributes. For the past several years, I have thought that the Matrix group is the best for Texas gardeners. They are among the toughest cool-season color annuals, with slightly larger-than-normal bloom heads. And the colors seem to pop even brighter in a huge range of hues and styles. You’ll find types with traditional pansy blotches and color-coordinated mixes in solid colors without blotches.

Pansies of all kinds begin showing up at nurseries and garden centers as early as September. Their operators know that it’s a bit too early to plant them, especially this year with temperatures still in the 90s as we near October. But they have many customers who flat-out demand them, not knowing they won’t thrive if planted in this kind of heat.

If you’re worried that your favorite nursery may run out, fear not. They’ll get deliveries of fresh pansies of all kinds over the next three months. Hopefully by mid-October, we will see summertime temperatures trending downward. And that’s when it’s time to get busy.

So, if you want, go ahead and get your hands on some of the best ones around - ask for the Matrix series by name and look for the trademarked logo. Just don’t plant them yet. In a couple of weeks, I’ll let you know on the GardenLine radio show when the time is right.

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