McGrath Pest Control

Over the 20-plus years I’ve been your GardenLine host, I’ve only endorsed a couple of local pest control companies. I’ve turned down at least a half-dozen because they weren’t really local or they required customers to sign a year-round contract.

Finally, however, I’ve found a local company that doesn’t require a contract, shows up on time for appointments, and customizes their services to your needs. So, McGrath Pest Control gets a well-earned GardenLine endorsement.

Over four decades, McGrath Pest Control has built a reputation for excellence, performance and dependability. They’ve done that by becoming thoroughly familiar with Houston’s seemingly endless array of pests and how to deal with them. They’ve done it by creating individual pest control plans for their clients and applying the right treatments at the right times. And they’ve done it by religiously following up and creating relationships of trust with their customers.

And these days, the company is applying state-of-the-art concepts to those attributes, streamlining and fine-tuning, to make their service more efficient and effective than ever. Big improvements began when Scott McGrath took over the company his father started. After nearly two decades invested in the business, Scott embodies its core values: knowledge, dedication and professionalism. Plus, he’s added the power of the digital age. This means new software to make servicing faster and easier. It means a website that offers information about pests and an easy method for customers to schedule or change appointments. It means embracing new technology, with IT specialists in the front office. It means extensive training for the most recent chemical treatments and techniques. And it means new services like bird removal and minor structural repairs.

McGrath Pest Control’s highly trained professionals undergo yearly state certification to further ensure that their product knowledge and customer service skills meet your expectations. The staff knows you have questions, and it's their duty to provide answers and make sure any problems are COMPLETELY resolved.

I’m a firm believer that customer service is the key to success in almost every business, and Scott knows that without happy customers, there would be no McGrath Pest Control. I suspect that’s why they also treat your family the way they treat their family. Scott McGrath knows his customers have many options to choose from, and he is appreciative and humbled every day to have earned their confidence.

Scott and his team also have a great sense of humor. Take 30 seconds to view this commercial. That’s not really Scott or his employees … they’re actors. But it’s sure to give you a laugh.

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