The Ground Up

Established in 2010, The Ground Up has become one of the most dynamic concepts in Houston’s green industry. TGU started as a green waste-recycling concept and, in my opinion, impressively morphed into a full-solution landscape-supply company.

Over the years, TGU has learned a thing or two about products that work and don’t work in this region. Recently, and dating back to 2016, TGU has made many changes to their specialty soil and compost products. And with Mark Bowen’s arrival at TGU in September 2018, things have gotten very interesting. Mark and his partner, Luis Chamorro, have developed THE [SOIL] FACTORY™ at TGU, to make the best soil and compost in the market.

For example, they are producing proprietary blends for independent nurseries and garden centers, including The Arbor Gate’s Organic Soil Complete and Buchanan’s BNP, a private label for Buchanan’s Native Plants.

Through THE [SOIL] FACTORY, TGU is also making incredible mixes such as My Veggie & Herb and My Bohemian POT[TING] Blend. And they’re working on some unique and incredible mixes like Ultra Bedding Mix, Turf Mix Premium, and TGU Coco Coir.

They are also excited about The Ground Up’s first batch of pure Leaf Mold Compost, which has now been double screened and is ready to sell. Additionally, I have it on good authority that they are combining Leaf Mold Compost with their original My Organic Compost DS and other ingredients to make a variety of high-quality custom compost blends never before seen in the greater-Houston area. Green Pro Compost Combo and TGU Compost Cocktail are two such blends.

Green Pro Compost Combo was developed as a concept and proven in the field as a collaborative effort between The Ground Up and Green Pro Texas. The product will continue to be used by Green Pro Texas as part of their compost topdressing service, and now it will be made available in bulk for do-it-yourselfers.

Here are a few other TGP products and services you may be unaware that have made me such a huge fan:

The Seasons Double Shredded Native Hardwood Mulch – In my opinion, one of the best-looking mulches around. And, of course, it’s native, so there’s no artificial coloring. Plus it’s super cost-effective when you get it in bulk.

Super Sacks – A product-delivery system that’s long overdue. For those who require a clean, precise delivery of soils, compost, mulches or stone – one cubic yard at a pop – the TGU has a menu of Super Sack-delivered products at their website.

Stones rocks and pavers -- At their Brittmoore location, you’ll find all kinds of pavers, synthetic grass, fertilizers, decorative pebbles and more, all of which can be delivered in bulk or palletized.

Passionate customer service – I love talking with head honchos Luis and Mark about all things soil, compost and mulch. They are passionate and knowledgeable about the business and really want to help GardenLine listeners at every stage of their landscape projects.

To learn more about TGU’s outstanding new and existing products, and where you can find them at a garden center near you, check out and

If you have your own truck or trailer and can pick up product in bulk, I believe that’s the most cost-effective way to get your soil, compost, mulch and stone. Here are their three bulk locations:


9945 Windfern

281-970-0003 - Ext: 1


1261 Brittmoore

281-970-0003 - Ext: 3


19102 FM 1093 Rd.


281-829-9595 - Ext: 2

All locations are open Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m.-1 p.m. They’re all closed on Sunday.

The Brittmoore location is open weekdays for stone and rock products - bulk soils and mulches are available there only on Saturdays.

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