America Is Binging on Snacks, and Food Companies Are Eating It Up!

Americans are snacking so much now that last year packaged snack sales grew 11% to 181 billion dollars. Texas Economist Ray Perryman says it's making an influence on the economy. "It's good for the economy mostly because they are mostly American companies and they support a U.S. supply chain all the way down to the farmers."

And on the other hand. "I do think there are some long term health consequences that will be bad for the U.S. economy. Whenever I talk about healthcare and how hard it is to afford - I conclude that we all need to be a lot healthier!"

Inflation and your Shopping Habits

Cookie and candy giants are reeling in the profits - raking in a trillion dollars in the last year. Perryman says it's good for American workers from farmers to factory assembly line workers. But on the other hand, inflation is causing many American households financial difficulties. "Credit Card debt is over a trillion dollars now! Regarding inflation: Snacks are not the best bang for your buck in food purchases!"

According to market researchers the Circana Group - almost half of U.S. consumers eat 3 or more snacks a day.


Assorted snacks in glass bowls

Almost half of Americans eat 3 snacks a day!Photo: Getty Images

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