A Cheap Drive-Through Visit is a Thing of the Past!

Inflation is hitting all facets of our lives.

Fast food gets more expensive every year - almost 10% since last year. Restaurateur Mark Brezinski says it's getting pricey for a family of four. "I think it's probably going to be at about $11 or $12 a person - so for a family of four your total will run between $45 and $50 dollars!"

Prices are rising almost 9% a year and Brezinski says there's no sign it will slow down - even though it does depend upon your location, saying "Are you in a high-density area like the Montrose where you've got people coming in all day long --- or are you in a place like Sugar Land or Conroe? So much of this depends upon the density of the area and the people you can draw on!"

2021: Fast Food Places May Close Indoor Dining

Brezinski says the franchisee is dealing with rising labor costs, paying overtime when workers don't show, the price of food.. Franchisees are being squeezed because no matter how much they serve, they're not paying any less in franchise fees. They're are compelled to try to cover that fee!" Franchisees and owners alike are hit the same as the rest of us - inflated food and labor prices! According to PRICELISTO, Chick-Fil-A raised prices over 15% from 2021 to 2022. Burger King increased menu prices by only 2%.

Most apparent is high costs are now keeping people from ordering delivery pizza!

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Recieving ordered take out food and coffe to go

Fast food meals not so cheap anymore!Photo: Getty Images

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