Fast Food Places May Close Indoor Dining

McDonalds is considering re-closing its dining rooms. Many fast-food restaurants could close their dining areas because of the spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19. Hospitality Expert and former president of the Houston Restaurant Association Jonathan Horowitz says their hiring problems and drive through windows make it a pretty safe decision for them.

"That really doesn't work for the majority of restaurants that are dine-in. Particularly here in Texas where everything has been open for a while. I don't believe we're going to see that in the state for sure. I don't see how that could happen because they just can't make enough revenue with just to-go and delivery to stay open. "

Horowitz says fast-food restaurants and take-out places won't skip too many beats if they close their dining areas. The Drive-Through Window and their in-house delivery services are saving them.

According to Reuters, McDonald's Corp is instructing its franchisees on steps to follow if they are to re-close their dining rooms in areas where the Delta variant is rapidly spreading.

Photo: GettyImages

Fast Food Indoor Dining could be going away again - for a while.Photo: Bloomberg via Getty Images

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