Southwest Airlines Pilots Could Strike in May

Aviation expert and attorney Josh Verde explains. "Southwest Airlines Pilots are represented by a Union. They have been flying under an older contract for quite some time now. The Southwest Airlines Pilots and the Southwest Airlines Management have been unable to reach an agreement about what an acceptable contract would look like!" Verde thinks right now the union is using past experiences to their advantage. "We had the meltdown - and it wasn't the pilots' fault! If they're able to use that media exposure to secure a good contract remains to be seen!"

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The union that represents southwest airlines pilots (SWAPA) is threatening a strike at the beginning of the summer vacation season - if a new contract isn't agreed upon. Verde, a former commercial pilot himself, is familiar with the situation. "The pilots want to keep flying The airline want to keep flying. So I suspect that a lot of what we're seeing right now is both sides just going through the motions. Ultimately I think we'll see them make a good deal."

Verde says the only option Southwest Airlines has if a strike does happen is to hire non-union pilots that can fly those planes...and he says there are none! Again, he's pretty sure a settlement will be made and your summer trip to Denver is safe!


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Southwest Airlines Pilots saying they could strike in May, 2023!Photo: Getty Images

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