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Can Southwest Airlines Buy Back Its Customers’ Love?

It's fair to say that the management for Southwest Airlines would love to "get away", from all of the criticism they have received, for last week's flight cancellation catastrophe.

But more importantly, will the hundreds of thousands of loyal Southwest customers, come back?

"I do believe they will" said aviation expert, Jay Ratliff, "There's no question that Southwest, given the loyal following that they have. Yes, Southwest is going to have to apologize, maybe throw out some lower fares. But Southwest knows the people are going to come back, you've just got to make sure you do everything possible to ensure that this time of situation never happens again."

The best way to do that? Southwest needs to own what happened, and stop making excuses. And they also need to do something that they should have done years ago, and that's upgrade their antiquated software system.

"I hope Southwest very quickly, upgrades that system" Ratliff told KTRH, "Not a little bit, so they can pat themselves on the back and say it's better. To be such an incredible airline, with such an outdated system is embarrassing, and the passengers of Southwest deserve a lot better than that."

They also deserve to get their stranded luggage back, which is actually a major issue right now for Southwest, across the U.S.

Southwest Airlines' Mass Cancellations Continue To Strand Travellers Nationwide

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