Some call it the Grass is Greener Syndrome

Substantially more workers want a new job than they did just 6 months ago. HR exert Chris Westfall says it could be the 'calendar effect' - like when people plan to lose weight at the first of the year! Staffing company Robert Half found Gen Z workers were the most enthusiastic for something new. Westfall sees why. "The youngest folks in the workforce (Gen Z) right now have fewer obligations; they are less tied down; they have more flexibility in their lives; and in the workplace they have more opportunities!" And that goes for the technology sector which is currently heavy on layoffs.

Texas - The Quitting Capital of the Country

Robert Half's research also found workers with children at the front of the line. Westfall isn't surprised to find them looking for something more flexible. "The balancing act for working parents is always finding a way to handle the obligations of raising children inside their careers!" Many HR professionals are also looking - possibly because it's a stressful career and they can easily research the corporate culture and salaries in other companies that fit them better. They also know to have another job lined up before they leave their current one.

No surprise: The research shows the biggest motivator is money. Specifically a salary boost, better benefits and better perks.


Woman fingers with pen writing reminder Quit Job in calendar.

1. Quit Job. 2. Get Better Job.Photo: Getty Images

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