Texas Has Become The Quitting Capitol Of The Country

We keep hearing and reading about the bad numbers with the economy and inflation, but we have also learned that Texas is now the 'quitting' capitol in the U.S.

More Texans have quit their jobs than in any other state in the U.S.

"A lot of people got used to working from home, they were glad to no longer be losing 1/3 of their life in their daily commute" said Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis, "Why should I come back to the office? You know what, there's some other jobs that will let me work remotely, so see ya!"

The survey showed that 65% of workers are actually looking for a new job.

Another concern are the unconstitutional, Joe Biden vaccine mandates, which are supposed to be banned here in Texas.

"Some people's complaints about the work environment have been when they've been required to get vaccinated, when some people are still mistrustful of the vaccine" Lewis told KTRH, "There may be some people that have said our job is not protecting us, we need to find a job that will."

Apparently, Texans are doing just that, with more expected in 2022.

Mixed race businesswoman holding tablet computer that reads 'I quit!!

Photo: Getty Images

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