"Can I Get a Plumber?!?"

We just survived a freeze that could only make a plumber happy! Even the best house pipe wrappers can need some help. Mike Myers with Abacus. "We are completely slammed! We have had a lot of calls related to burst pipes...and a lot of calls related to heating problems!"

Jim Dutton with Texas Home Improvement..."Well...all my people are really busy fixing pipe problems in people's houses. Our biggest problems is getting the materials that are needed!"

Richard Saad of Nick's Plumbing says the inner loop was hit hard. "Underneath Pier and Beam houses - like in The Heights and The Montrose in Houston, when it gets this cold, if you're not completely insulated - you're going to break something!"

A Plumber Bummer for Houston!

This week's freeze has been hard on us - and for many of our houses! Dutton (you can hear him on the KTRH Texas Home Improvement Show on weekends) says his Du-West business and others in town are working hard to keep up with plumbing demands. "Everybody is working now - we take breaks to eat and sleep - but other than that it's a pretty constant 'GO'!"

Myers says many homeowners wrapped their pipes but forgot their sprinkler system. "People don't remember to adjust their sprinklers correctly in order to allow their hoses to drain. That happens a lot."

It's hard to drive around town and not see plumber's trucks in some driveways!


Plumber Repairing Water Pipe

Plumber replacing pipe from frozen house.Photo: Getty Images

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