The Holidays - Time for Tipping!

Holiday tipping has changed since last year. Senior Analyst Ted Rossman of Bankrate has a theory. "The frequency of tipping is going UP this year --- but the amounts of the tips is going down. Probably the inflation impact." Tipping people who serve your family personally is the most common - like a housekeeper, baby sitter or day care worker. But Rossman says things were different during the Covid Lockdown. "I think parents were just thankful the place was open and they tipped extra. This year --- not so much!"

Tipping Everywhere is Getting Awkward

  • The Bankrate report found:
    Millennials tip most often,
  • Mail carriers, landscapers, even trash collectors often receive gift cards
  • Remember those you want good service from next year

Rossman says it's ok to be picky about whom you tip. "If you can't tip everybody - then make a priority list. Who has really gone out of their way to help you this past year?" He also says by background some of us will tip more. "If you've every worked in a tip job, it's almost certain you will tip more often and more money."


Happy waitress is pleased after receiving a large tip

Tipping is different this year!Photo: Getty Images

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