Tipping Everywhere Getting Awkward as it gets More Expensive

More places are using electronic credit card checks with a suggested tip included - and it's often more than you had planned to pay!
And what about a restaurant server hovering over you while you add the tip to your check?

Etiquette Expert Valerie Sokolosky : "It's all awkward right now...and yes, the customer is being expected to be given IN YOUR FACE opportunities!" She continues to say Guilt Tipping is causing more than half of us to feel obligated to tip higher than we would have...and she says to not let this imposed "IN YOUR FACE" obligation interfere with your generosity.

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The cost of everything is high enough without being guilted into adding more tip than the service is worth. Sokolosky says it's awkward, it's expensive and it's just not right. "The best thing we can do is continue to do what we can and what we can afford. Do what you're comfortable doing, and what you feel the other person (server, etc) deserves."

And how about tip jars popping up in places like where you get your car inspected, or at a news stand or even a drive through window? Are workers wanting to be tipped just for dong their job???

And if so - maybe you should put a tip jar on your desk this afternoon!


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Tip Jars are Everywhere!Photo: Getty Images

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