Family 'Livid' Over Accidental $500 Tip At Texas Ice Cream Shop

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A family was accidentally overcharged by $500 at an ice cream shop in Texas — and all they bought were three ice cream cones.

Earlier this week, a family visited Marble Slab in Sugar Land and bought three ice cream cones, which totaled $22. When Carolyn Sion's daughter got the bill, however, the total was $532.50, she told FOX 26. There was a $509.80 tip printed on the receipt and charged to her debit card, which has proven difficult to get refunded.

"I was pretty livid. I said, 'No, it’s not going down like that,'" Sion said.

This isn't the first time Marble Slab has had issues with tips in the past. The credit card machine has a warning sign on it that says, "When tipping, no decimal or extra zeros after. Tips are non-refundable." The ice cream shop is in the process of getting a new credit card machine, but in the meantime, management said Sion needed to go through the bank to get a refund.

Marble Slab's parent company Fat Brands issued a statement after FOX 26 ran their story and agreed to issue a $500 refund:

"The Marble Slab Creamery Sugar Land store owner has always been committed to seeing through that the customer was refunded their $500. He called his credit card company immediately upon being informed of the situation and was told the most efficient way to go about it was for the customer to dispute the charge. Disputing a charge can take some time as the charge itself needs to process. Unfortunately, the charge has still not processed. Given the amount of money at hand, the franchisee will be issuing a direct check to the customer.
"Additionally, moving forward, the credit card processing company has implemented a new process for the store where a tip can be reversed in the same day to ensure that if a tip amount is entered incorrectly that it can be remedied in a timelier fashion. This new measure will help prevent this type of situation from occurring again."

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