Quiet Quitters - Time to Face Your Consequences . . .

. . .AND - it's not a good time to find another job.

Some American workers are going from Quiet Quitters to Quietly Fired. Slacking off at work is called “quiet quitting”. They are those people in your office who do only what they are required to do and without much enthusiasm. Business Strategist Dr. Jayne Gardner has a wake up call. "Quiet Quitters, you have some beliefs you are going to have to change. One of them is, 'I believe I will be allowed to not be eager to do my job.' You THINK nobody's going to call you on it - but now they are!" Dr. Gardner says they can still salvage their jobs - but it's going to take some effort. "The Quiet Quitters now must show themselves as Ready To Perform. They have to ask their boss, 'What can I do to make your job easier?'"

80% of workers are Worried About Losing Their Job

Their managers have been quietly firing them them by ignoring their requests for promotions and raises in hopes they will leave the company on their own. Dr. Gardner says many think their company doesn't notice their lack of initiative. "They are caught red-handed. They better change their attitude or they will no longer be able to keep their job." In short - get engaged or get out so they can hire some one who is.

Some observers argue that they are fulfilling the minimum of their job requirement and are setting health boundaries. Dr. Gardner says without displaying some initiative, they will surely become quietly fired.


Businessman Talking to Bored Staff in Meeting

Quiet Quitters - Slackers - will soon be Quiet FiredPhoto: Getty Images

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