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You're Not Alone, Nearly 80% Of Workers Are Worried About Losing Their Job

With 40-year high inflation, and a looming recession, there are now growing reports that mass layoffs could be coming as well.

Are you nervous? If so, you're not alone. A new survey shows that nearly 80% of workers are now worried about their job.

"When you see those kinds of headlines, and when you hear economists talking about a recession, it really makes employees very nervous about their jobs" said reporter Ray Smith, who wrote about it for the Wall Street Journal, "Especially, after they've been told for the past 2 years that they can make the calls, and that the labor market is really strong."

It's a unique time for sure, with layoffs coming, despite the fact that there is still a record high number of job openings. So what can you do to make sure you keep your job?

"Show up a little earlier, or if you've been working remotely, maybe show up in the office a little more" Smith told KTRH, "Anything that you can do to indicate that you're somebody who's willing to take on additional responsibilities."

Another key is communication. Everybody knows how bad things are under Joe Biden, especially your employer.

"You can say, look I've seen these headlines about layoffs, what can I do to ensure that I'm going to be ok, or is everything going to be ok" noted Smith, "You can not be afraid to just ask these questions, rather than waiting to hear what's going on."

Be prepared, and be the best employee, that you can be.

Unemployed depressed person filling out an online unemployment benefits application form using laptop computer.

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