Does Amazon want to get further into your home?

They already have a Smart Speaker in your kitchen and a Video Doorbell on your front porch! . Now Amazon is looking to buy iRobot - the smart vacuum that cleans in your bed room carpet. Risk management expert Terence Lee of Protecht Group says big companies like Amazon may be clean but they use third party companies to gather your information. "In most cases - it's a Third Party Contractor that gets compromised and then infections spread your personal information. Can that happen in the Amazon ecosystem? ABSOLUTELY!"

Is your Smart TV Spying on You?!?

Consumer Advocates who accused Amazon's Alexa Echo Dot of listening in to conversations, and later of sharing video footage from your Ring doorbell, may be on another alert as Amazon plans to buy i-Robot. Lee says more of your data can possibly be lifted - probably from a smaller company amazon has hired to gather marketing information. "A contractor of a bigger company (e.g., Amazon) that does not have the same information security technology or capabilities as the bigger company and they have access to your data, is not going to get to the level of rigor that is going to truly protect your data!"

Lee says not to be afraid - just be aware of what could happen. He continues to urge you to unplug your smart devices on occasion, never use a debit card online, and check your credit card statements often.

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Cyber security concept background

Amazon could be buying yet another smart device for your home.Photo: Getty Images

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