Is Your smart TV spying on You?

Just like Amazon's Echo, your smart TV maybe listening to everything you say. For some, this sounds like big brother, but others say "if I'm going to see ads, I may as well see ads that are of interest to me."

University of Houston marketing professor Betsy Gelb says the data collected will help target ads at you.

"By the kind of programs that you watch, maybe; what time you watch them; what days of the week."

For TVs that are always listening, CNET's Dan Graziano says turn it off.

"If you're scared that Samsung and some third party are listening to your conversations you can easily turn off the voice recognition feature."

Graziano says you can turn it off in the TV's settings and then it will only listen when you push a button on the remote.

Dr. Gelb says if you care, turn it off. But not everyone cares.

"If they're going to worry then of course they should look for it in the settings and turn it off and if they're not going to worry I suspect they might assume it's there."

Many Samsung and Sony TVs have a service called "Samba TV" installed. It collects and sells data about what you watch and when you watch it.

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