Here Comes Blow Number Two to the Wedding Industry

Wedding expert Megan Green says covid lockdown-postponed weddings hurt her industry - and now inflation is on the attack. "We are affected by gas prices, wedding dress prices, bridesmaids' dresses, even the alcohol for their wedding receptions!" The smaller wedding from the covid-era continues. 'We aren't seeing those Micro-Weddings going away yet! Inflation is definitely a big part of that - the size of the wedding and where the wedding will take place."

Average Price of a Texas Wedding: $25,000!

Green says brides are getting creative. "The DIY flowers, purchasing alcohol on your own instead of paying for full bar service, looking for second-hand wedding dresses, shopping for upcycled evening wear." Venues are changing as well. "My brides are looking at doing weddings in their parents' back yard, or finding a beautiful outdoor space that doesn't cost a lot." In short, Skyrocketing food, liquor, gasoline, and labor costs are a big part of this year's budget.

Many brides are asking for a contribution to their honeymoon instead of a wedding gift.

Megan Green is the Founder of the Dowry wedding registry


Getting Married And Financial Conscience

Inflation is hurting the Wedding Industry.Photo: Getty Images

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