Average Wedding in Texas: $25,000!!

The average Texas wedding costs more than $25,000. That's could be a down payment on a house!  Where does that money go - especially if it doesn't include the gown or the honeymoon!?! “A lot of the cost is going to food and beverage --- spirits! And, of course, the venue,” says Chelsea Roy with Everything But the Ring in Houston.  “I had one wedding where the bride and groom put together a 10-piece chamber orchestra for the ceremony. It was spectacular!”

She says her weddings run above the $35 grand mark - and her brides love a crowd! “They can invite between 150 and 275 guests – that’s the average range for my weddings.”

According to the The Wedding Report, Inc., Mississippi has the cheapest weddings in the U.S. with an average of a mere $16,000 and Hawaii tops the list at $40,000.  Roy explains that’s because everything has to be flown in to Hawaii.

Chelsea Roy recommends

  •  No skimping on the flowers - because flowers are the best decor and require little else.
  • Get the best photographer you can afford. Food and Dancing last for hours, but photos are forever!
  • From your florist to the reception band, one piece of advice every couple should follow.
  • “Be sure the vendors you hire are professionals. Because if you think hiring a professional is expensive – just wait till you work with an amateur!”

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