New Work Trend: Quiet Quitting

"Quiet Quitting is Low Employee Engagement. Mentally, Emotionally, and Any Other Way - they're just not invested in the company." - Dr. Daren Martin

Burn out from answering emails on weekends and helping someone else with their job is powerful. Work ethic be damned - a new workplace trend is Quiet Quitting, you still go to your job and collect a paycheck but you're no longer engaged.

Business strategist and author Dr. Daren Martin cautions companies that they are losing money through this lack of interest. If you're no longer putting energy into your work, Dr. Martin says you're quiet quitting and the epidemic is costing your business profits. "It's a $7-Trillion cost around the world to have Low Employment Engagement. They're just mailing it in. They're not coming up with new ideas. They're not doing any of that stuff!"

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Dr. Martin has some advice for your company leaders..."Companies that invest in their people - invest in their growth...see a phenomenal uptick in the amount of value they bring to the company"

Sadly, he says companies are so poorly run that these Quiet Quitters probably won't be fired.

He says it's a worldwide 'disease' and businesses need to tune into helping their staff grow in their careers which will in turn help company leaders grow their companies.

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