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The Four Day Work Week is Creeping into American Work Culture

The covid lockdown showed business managers that 5 days in the office is not the norm any more. The four day work week is touted to lessen absenteeism, loss of staff, and worker fatigue. It's disciples also say it keeps productivity up and generally make employees happier.

Workplace Culture Expert Dr. Daren Martin saying it's good for both business AND staff. "We're incredibly more productive with all the tools that are available today than we used to be. I think giving people some of their life back engenders employees!" Yes, he's in favor. "People are more productive when they work in short spirts. I don't want a bunch of zombies walking the halls - I want productive, committed people who have rested up over a long weekend."

Dr. Martin says he sees the benefits. "I'd rather have people there for a shorter time frame producing at a high level than a bunch of worn out slackers who are worn out by Friday." He is saying it's going to be hard on companies who DON'T think of their employees' first in the future. He concludes that he sees it --- he has colleagues losing staff who are leaving for a company that is embracing the 4 day week.

To add to the argument: At least 8 Texas school districts will enjoy four school days a week next year:

Olfen ISD
Dime Box ISD
Hull-Daisetta ISD
Hardin ISD
Devers ISD
Liberty ISD
Athens ISD
Jasper ISD


Senior businessman rubbing his tired eyes

Over-worked, tired worker on Friday.Photo: Getty Images

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