Inflation is Pushing Grocery Shoppers into Bargain Stores

With rising inflation, frugal grocery shopping is becoming common.

For many Americans making ends meet means bargain shopping for groceries. Grocery Industry Consultant to Texas Retailers Association Gary Huddleston notes average spending at discount stores has increased 71%. "A store that buys the end runs of some products --- they're doing well with the Inflationary Factor." Sam's Club membership is up over 10% in the last year. Huddleston says, "Many customers are turning to both Costco and Sam's and seeing the value there. Even though the items are in bulk - they're sharing it with family and neighbors."

Inflation is Crushing the Middle Class

Huddleston says discount stores like Dollar Tree and Big Lots are more popular every day...and technology is coming to the rescue as well. "The electronic coupon is becoming EXTREMELY popular! Both for the coupon-type companies that are online and for the in-store electronic coupons."

Whether it's couponing, sharing bulk purchases from a membership store or shopping in a store you wouldn't have gone into a few months ago -- making ends meet while putting food on the table and toilet paper in the bathroom is still priority one.


Man checking a long receipt

Inflation hits the grocery storePhoto: Getty Images

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