Inflation Is Crushing The Middle Class As Prices Spike & Pay Can’t Keep Up

Almost 7 months into year number one, the Biden administration has not yet raised taxes. That's the good news. The bad news? Inflation continues to skyrocket here in the U.S.

According to a recent study, consumer inflation expectations have hit an 8-year high, with the average American family spending more and more on just about everything, every single month.

"We're spending so much money at the federal level" said economist George Seay, "The monetary policy is so loose and fast, we've been basically daring inflation to come back, and I think we're going to be accepted on our dare. It's inevitable, and it's going to hurt the little guy."

The Biden-flation is already beginning to crush the middle class. The numbers have gone up every single month this year. What does that look like? Milk is up 8%, energy 23%, and gas a whopping 43%.

"It's ironic that Democrats claim to be the party of the little guy" Seay told KTRH, "Because they are not, they're the party of the limousine liberal, and the special interest group at this point."

Another big issue, especially for those of us hear in Texas, is the fact that gasoline now costs more than $1 a gallon than it did a year ago. The Biden administration immediately halted drilling here in the U.S., and is now begging for more oil from the middle east, which OPEC has replied with a resounding 'no'.

"Texas is the center of the energy industry" Seay said, "And for the woke left basically trying to eliminate fossil fuels in this country, and yet begging OPEC to pump more oil, you just can't make this stuff up! It's so bad! Bad for the country, bad for the world."

The question now is, how bad will it be for Democrats in the upcoming midterms? "The Democrats are beyond inept" Seay said, "That's going to hurt them tremendously, and I think Republicans inevitably will pick up a lot of seats in the house. Kevin McCarthy should start polishing up the speakers chair."

Until then, be prepared to pay more.

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Photo: Getty Images North America

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