Ground Hog Day and a Meteorologist

It's Ground Hog Day and Punxsutawney Phil is doing his weather prediction thing up in Gobbler's Knob.

Here in the Greater Houston Area, Space City Weather's Eric Berger is predicting more winter. "We're going to see winter for the first few weeks of February. That's pretty clear. And next week - after Wednesday, it's going to be VERY COLD." Meteorologist Berger also says, "The general expectation is that Spring weather here will be warmer than normal. That's a pretty solid forecast."

Winter is Coming. Will it Freeze Again?

Berger makes a special prediction for June. "I'm just reminding Houstonians that it's just 4 months till Hurricane Season. Start planning now how you are going to prepare for that Glorious Time of Year when we're threatened by tropical weathers!"

Unlike ground hogs, Berger says meteorologists prefer not to make their predictions so far in advance. His predictions also don't come with the hype of the famous marmot in Pennsylvania!


ground hog marmot day portrait

Ground Hog DayPhoto: Getty Images

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