Winter is Coming – Will Houston Freeze Again?

Wake up the dragons and build the wall – winter is coming.

Last winter was one of for the history books in Houston, and the question on everyone’s mind is, will history repeat itself?

“The odds of that happening again are very low,” says Eric Berger of Space City Weather. Yes…but COULD it happen again? “We went back and looked at the data and found that never have there been back to back freezes of that magnitude in Houston from one winter to the next.”

To get Space City Weather’s full report of what to expect this winter, go here.

The Farmer’s Almanac had predicted a mild and dry winter that turned out to be snowy with sleet and 13 degrees. This winter, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts for 2021, is going to be bad with frigid temperatures. Eric Berger says it’s a la Nina year. “That typically means the jet stream is positioned a little bit further north, which means we get fewer of the strong arctic fronts and typically a little less precipitation than normal.”

We should be fine. Fingers crossed.

photo: Getty Images

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