Working 9 to 5 in an Office Could Become a Thing of the Past

Remember when a job meant working 9 to 5 in an office every day? Many companies like Zoom and Salesforce are offering their staffs a choice of remote, in the office, or a hybrid of the two. Gabe Abshire of Utilities Concierge: "What Covid did for a lot of companies is it opened the door for them to even imagine to work remotely. The people who worked there: there were a lot of folks who were really happy at home and saw that work-life balance."

Abshire says working remotely can be great for workers who like the flexibility...and employers get the benefit of lower overhead and easier access to the best and the brightest no matter where they live. One downfall remote workers is less face-time with the boss, and historically fewer promotions. Abshire says as long as workers stay productive, employers can more economically hire the brightest and the best from anyplace in the country.

H.R. Gurus claim Working Hybrid ...

Amazon, and Salesforce are now offering their staff and teams a choice of where they wish to work. Abshire: "If someone is happy AND PRODUCTIVE working at home - there's no way I'm going to tell them to come back to the office. Letting the team or the individual decide how they want to work is giving them some power on how they want to be more productive."

He says workers will have to figure out new ways to work collaboratively and companies may have to work on different payroll formulas for different parts of the country.


Freelancer working from home and playing with his dog

Working remotely - at least part of the time - could become 'the norm.'Photo: Getty Images

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