H. R. Gurus say offer Hybrid Scheduling to your staff - and get the best.

Since the Covid lockdown began in 2020, many workers are enjoying a newfound sense of control in a tight employment market. Some feel their need for Hybrid working - where they go into the office a day or two a week and work remotely the rest of the time. Tarelton State University Economics Professor Dr. Hussien Jafri says it's a way to hire and keep the best and the brightest without excessive financial offers...and teamwork doesn't suffer. "Are the benefits outweighing the costs? If you adopt the Hybrid Model - you can still have teamwork interaction, with weekly face-to-face and technology like Zoom in the other times .Dr. Jafri says it can be economical for both the business and the employee...with the proper employee requirements. "The Hybrid Scheduling Model doesn't work across the board of employees --- but those that are fulfilling their obligations should be offered the flexibility."

Advantages/disadvantages of Remote Working

According to an analysis from FlexJobs, Hybrid working is the equivalent to a 10% raise. And by being in the office on a weekly basis still gives Hybrid staff the chance to have face-time with their manager. Technology and Finance worker value the Hybrid option the most.


Business people having online meeting

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