Remote Working: Advantages/Disadvantages for Workers and Supervisors.

Now that many business supervisors see the impressive productivity of remote workers, many are thinking a full staff in the office all the time may not work anymore. Business Strategist Sean Magennis sees it this way: "There has been a monumental shift to work from home as business leaders are more convinced of the productivity gains....but not totally ready to give up the office entirely." Many remote workers enjoy the structure, but fear for their careers. "There is a danger of being overlooked for promotion when working remotely. Luckily, there are some things you can do to counter that!" Magennis says to visit the office once a week, keep open communications with your supervisor and being transparent is critical.

89% of American Workers Like Remote Work

Magennis adds, "This hybrid model is being considered as the new normal office. On the flip side, I still think that the office is here to stay - but I think its role is going to change." He says supervisors are also looking at the bottom line, but still want to see staff on occasion. "Do we really need a very expensive central office? Or can we break that up and go remote and put collaboration centers in a variety of places?" Employees also benefit from sometimes being with their co-workers.

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Remote Working sometime. In The Office other time.Photo: Digital Vision

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