89% of Americans Like Remote Work

It’s not going away, says corporate culture consultant Jason Treu. “I think remote work is here to stay,” he tells KTRH, backing up the findings of a McKinsey Institute survey which found almost 90% of employees want the option.

Treu says as the ranks of America’s workforce return to more normal levels, people looking for jobs are requiring it. “I’m seeing with my clients and other people that if the remote option isn’t possible either they’re going to leave or may not go to an organization that forces them to work in an office.”

The hybrid model is in search of equilibrium but it appears that for a sector of the workforce that’s where they’ll land. The McKinsey study concluded that a highly paid, highly educated group of employees will set the pace for the future.

Treu says the corporate world is working out how to maintain corporate culture, collaboration, team work in the new model. It’s just going to take time. “I think the future work and future workplace is going through a massive transformation, and we’re in the first inning of a nine inning baseball game.”

photo: Getty Images

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