A record number of people continuing to quit their jobs.

Groceries and rent prices are rising... - and yet a record number of people continue to quit their jobs. We thought as soon as the covid lockdown unemployment benefits ran out, people would run back to work. Author and Business Leadership Expert Kris Ungerbock says almost the opposite occurred. Both blue and white collar workers are leaving their jobs in record numbers siting bad leadership. Ungerbock says management should use common sense actions like asking questions without making the worker defensive and creating safety in work relationships. The Labor Department says 2 months ago over 4 and a half million people quit their jobs. Employers posted over 10.5 million jobs at the same time nearly 7 million people were still out of work. many workers are unhappy with their job situation because they feel they are under-valued, are tired of the commute or want more money. "It's just the calculous of 'I'm getting paid this much for that much frustration.' And that's the part that employers can affect."

Quitting After Covid

Ungerbock says basic management technique changes like asking for input instead of giving orders will help. "The employers and the team and the leaders who are running businesses with weak cultures are getting hit significantly harder than the employers and leaders who are actually accustomed to treating their employees well."

And the best and brightest are in high demand, so act quickly.

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Furious boss shouting at his team on a meeting in the office.

A record number people are quitting their jobs due to bad leadership.Photo: Getty Images

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