After quitting during the Covid lockdown, workers are now 'Un-Quitting'

They are called 'Boomerang' employees. Hiring Expert Joel Patterson says it usually starts with the former employer. "The labor market right now is as tight as I have ever seen it. What's happening that supervisors are realizing that reaching out to some former employees and trying to do some recruiting on that end could lead to you getting some of them back into the fold."

After losing employees during the Covid Lockdown, hiring managers are breaking out every recruiting tool they have in thier chest...including asking ex-employees to come back. Hiring expert Joel Patterson says hiring BOOMERANG employees has its good points..."You know who they are. You know the kind of work they can do. You know their worts. You know what they can do. You remember their work habits and they know the corporate culture already.

Help Really Wanted!

And some not so good. "A decent percentage of the people you talk into coming back --- I find that half of those people end up leaving you again in about 6 months anyway!"

If you're interested in un-quitting the job you left, Patterson says to give it a shot. He says if you're at a new job and aren't as happy as you planned, here's what to say when you call your old boss. " 'Hey, I gave it a shot and it didn't work out the way I had hoped'...and they will probably be happy to see you!"

And he says to check out the incentives before you hang up.

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"Boomeranging" back to your old job.Photo: Getty Images

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