January has the Dubious Honor of being called "THE DIVORCE MONTH"

More divorces are filed in January than in any other month. Divorce Attorney Lene Alley DeRudder of Cowles and Thompson explains why they happen at the first of the year - and just after the holidays. "It's a wonderful time. It's a very stressful time. Some times it might trigger some items of contention that have been 'sitting there ' for a while." She says some January filers are planning ahead. "The holidays is not a time to break up a family. Wanting a fresh start in a new year, they think, 'If we file now we can transition the children in the summer.' "

DeRudder says the covid lockdown has created additional stress for couples spending more time together at home...which can bring out previously hidden problems already in the marriage.

Pandemic Lockdowns Lead to Divorce Spike

Additionally, DeRudder says in January many people re-evaluate their lives, hoping for a happier and healthier future in the next year and see their marriage as a negative influence. Plus, the past two years are adding to couples' awareness of details in their relationships. DeRudder: "The lockdown and the pandemic have created a lot of highlighted issues that lead to having to face problems in the marriage that they have been able to co-exist without having to address the 'pink elephant' in the room." DeRudder says financial problems possibly from the covid lockdown are highlighted during the holidays, which can cause more filings in January.


Judge gavel deciding on marriage divorce.

January is Divorce MonthPhoto: Getty Images

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