Pandemic Lockdowns Lead to Divorce Spike

The divorce rate has spiked 34% relative to last year thanks to the lockdowns.

Jim Mueller is a Texas divorce attorney. “Shockingly, I would say the divorce rate has certainly gone up,” he tells KTRH News.He says when the courts closed in March all legal activity ground to halt, but since they’re reopened there has been noticeable change.“I will tell you the business has gone up. The Calls have increased, and quite frankly I think it’s because the pressures are just too much,” Mueller adds.

Nothing ruins a marriage faster than stress, unemployment, no money, death of loved ones, illness, homeschooling children, mental illness. There is a breaking point.

One-third of newly divorced couple blame the stress caused by the pandemic, and 20% of divorces in the past five months have been newlyweds.

Having seen it all, Mueller offers couples a piece of advice. “As much as you can, just make sure as you can, just get outside. As much as you can now, focus on health if possible because that can at least keep your mental state in a better place.”

photo: Getty Images

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