Covid Fatigue is Real

When giving out Covid-related mandates for 2022, instead of facing a mostly scared public like they have in the past, business and political leaders may be dealing with totally different group of vaccinated and boosted Americans. After months and months of Covid related mandates, many Americans are reacting to the information they are being told about the omicron variant very differently than they did in 2020 and 2021. Americans who are tired of even hearing about masks, forced vaccines and the virus itself. A new variant could add to the stress! Clinical Psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Lombardi discusses what's happening. ""People have been stressed out for a loooong, loooong time. The stress started out as 'fear' - but sometimes severe stress can turn into 'anger.' That is what we're seeing here." Dr. Lombardi says angry highly-stressed people will tend to think only their way is the right way and not even consider any alternative.

Managers are Clueless to Workers' Covid-related Stress

Dr. Lombardi adds, "People a really tired of what's going on. They want positive change and it's just not happening. That fuels the anger and it fuels attacking other people, going against policies, and making up their own rules." Covid Fatigue --- it could get ugly!


People are tiring of Covid mandates. Document: Getty Images

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