Managers are Clueless of Workers' Covid-19 Stress

Employees are suffering Covid-19 stress and feel their managers are clueless about it.Some business managers are out of touch with the stress their employees are currently under. Employee Stress Expert Derek Lundsten - and President and CEO of LifeGuides - says it's probably not intentional. "They are just busy preserving the company's survival. They might not be considering day-to-day what's happening in the lives of their employees." Lundsten says a prolonged state of uncertainty makes an impact.. He says it's important for them to stay in touch with their staff - especially those who are working at home. Those who are working from home know 'what happens at home affects what happens at work and what happens at work affects what happens at home. The stressers are compounding!"

Poll: Working from home is not what it's cracked up to be

"People will start to show signs of fatigue. If they have not been given sources of support - either from managers or supervisors, it's going to potentially have a detrimental affect somewhere down the road."

Most employees feel their physical well-being is looked after, but worrying about their future and lack of communication with their team is being ignored. Lundsten urges Managers to have a one-on-one with each staff member, asking how they are doing and what they need. A regular social media "team sync-up" should be a priority. He says to avoid an upcoming slump in productivity an employer should ask each employee what they are feeling, how the company can help, and act upon it before stress-related problems amplify.

Stress of working from home

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