Fewer 'Happy Days' Families These Days!

There are fewer American parents-and-kids families. In fact, the household of married parents with some kids is disappearing. 2021 has the fewest of these 'special' homes since 1959... 40% lower than 1970.

Family psychologist Dr. John Huber says fewer people are getting married, and those who do marry aren't sure they want to have children at all. He says social media is a big influence on that decision. "On Social Media, they see people who, apparently, have freedom to just go off and do whatever they want. If you have kids - you can't do that. Kids are expensive. Both Time-Wise and Financially!"

Americans are Getting Busy Less Often

He says many of them see the future as pretty bleak. Dr. Huber says couples say to him, " 'Do you really want to have children in a situation where you've got a Bigger Government telling you what you should do with your body?' We talk about these mandates that are out there. They are threatening a lot of people!" He adds that more women want to have high-powered careers and they feel the responsibility of children could slow that down. Also, couples fear another pandemic-era lifestyle and don't want to be tied down with that much responsibility.

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Peaceful Christmas morning.

2021 marks the fewest 'married with children' households since 1959. Photo: Getty Images

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