Americans are getting Busy less often

A new study finds Americans are having less sex, especially if they're married.  Married couples report having sex about twenty times fewer than they did 25 years ago.

Houston relationship expert and sex therapist Mary Jo Rapini says the study may be missing the point -- it's not about sex.

"It isn't sex that keeps your relationship, you know, hot or together. What keeps your relationship together is the connection, the intimacy."

Rapini says there are lots of reasons we're not as intimate as we should be.

"What's taking that intimacy away, or robbing us of the time, is social media, our jobs, our kids."

Also, millennials are even less likely to get married than their parents and even if they do, it's often after a long period of living together.

Rapini says "hooking up" with Tinder app is popular -- but it isn't always as easy as it sounds.

"Women need time to get their sexy on -- women are a little bit different than guys, they don't relieve stress by having sex. Guys, if they're stressed out, they want sex; and it takes understanding men and women and what's gonna help each other and maybe they're too busy to listen to one another."

The study claims married couples are having sex 18 times fewer each year than couples reported in the early '90s.

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