Hot Item: Used Tractor!

Supply Chain woes and semiconductor shortages are making hot items out of used tractors! Tractors, new or used, are an important part of most American food production. Roland Orsak of Shoppa's Farm Supply says used tractors are in demand. "Having used equipment and trading used equipment in our world is not unusual. Finding good used tractors is difficult now. the market is red hot - similar to a car dealership." Used tractors have been a part of farming for decades, but a shortage of tractor components including semiconductors is making them more popular. Parts shortages from tires to semiconductors are making new tractors even harder to find. "Now, since there's not a whole lot of NEW tractors to choose from, used is even more of an option."

Farmers and Trump

Orsak says used tractor auctions bring in bidding wars that can result in the winning bid being higher than when the tractor was new! "Our inventory on used equipment is probably the lowest it has been in quite a few years. It's because you can't find new equipment and people still need to do work and they see buying 'used' as a good option." Orsak says farmers are even traveling across state lines to attend used tractor auctions. "Now, if you take a tractor to auction, it could almost bring the same price as what it sold for as 'new.' It is happening!" The global tractor microchip shortage should last until 2023.


Caucasian father and son working on tractor

Used tractors are in demand!Photo: Getty Images

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