Fryer Feature: Farmers and Trump

They’re coming to Texas from all parts of our country. The farmers, thousands of them, who actually grow and raise the food we and much of the world consume. It’s the annual convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation, the largest agriculture lobby in America. President Trump will address them on Sunday, fresh off his triumph in negotiating an 80 billion dollar agriculture export deal with China, and the passage of USMCA, the US/Mexico/Canada trade deal.

He’s the President who finally opened up domestic energy to keep the tractors and the truckers of your produce running, who is eliminating strangling regulations and EPA bureaucratic tyranny.

Wanna guess what kind of reception he’ll get?

They are from different regions ( can you say Iowa, New Hampshire, California?) and different political traditions, BUT farmers are proud Americans first. Keeping America great is not a slogan to them; it’s what they do.

Don’t think the socialist protesters in Austin will have much effect on the solidity and solidarity of that.

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