A Middle-aged Millennial in the Workplace

The Oldest Millennials are Turning 40 The Year (2021-2022). Boomers and older Gen-x-ers aren't sure what to expect from those in positions of work management. Leadership expert Maja Kazazic says they have already influenced their workplace technology. She says many are not financially stable and that does cause them great anxiety. "There was a study that was done that found most Millennials say they are always stressed - non-stop!" What does that mean to work life? "If your co-worker or supervisor is a millennial who is suffering from depression and anxiety, they might bring it with them and spread it around your organization."

Millennials and Baby Boomers

They are totally stressed, highly in debt and very picky about what they want. Some say they're entitled and others say they have healthy self confidence. Kazazic says they are/will be a different kind of work manager. Already they have influenced the addition of more technology and will continue to do so with regular updates in many offices. Here's another Kazazic observation. "They are picky. They don't want to do anything and they don't want to do it for any amount of money. That's why we're seeing a shortage in the workforce right now. They just don't want to do it!

Millennials' expectant ways and need for praise and purpose for what they're doing at work often makes them job hoppers, which costs their employers lots of money to replace them. On the other hand, they will probably encourage workers to take more time off.


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