Employment lawyers are sure popular these days.

"Last night these employees who refused to be vaccinated could get terminated, but now this new executive order puts a wrinkle in that."
-- Employment Attorney Tony Stergio

Last month the President told American employers they can order their workers to be vaccinated or they will lose their jobs. Last night Governor Abbott orders no vaccine mandates in Texas - even for private companies. Houston Employment Attorney Tony Stergio of Andrews-Myers says he's busy fielding vaccination questions from clients. His answers include, 'yes the mandate is constitutional,' and 'some fired employees may receive unemployment benefits.' He says it's a complicated situation for Texas employers. "They face fines from the State of Texas for not following the executive order or they could face OSHA fines for not getting people vaccinated."

Big Retail says "NO" to Mandates

Large Texas-based companies are demanding their staff be vaccinated or be fired and the White House says that's ok. As of this morning, Governor Abbott bans vaccine mandates in Texas - including private companies. Stergio says he and his colleagues are busy fielding calls from confused clients.

Stergio says, "That's just going to be worked out between the Texas government and the Federal government." A lawsuit in federal court could be on its way.

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Concept of coronavirus or covid-19 vaccine mandate, showing with doctor hands with gloves by placing sign board next to vaccine shots and syringe

Confusing rulings between Federal and Texas.Photo: Getty Images

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